Indoor Ski

We tried INDOOR SKI for you :

We were glad to be invited by Denis and Olivier to come and discover a completely innovative concept.

Indeed It’s possible to ski in all weathers and all along the year and as a bonus at the bottom of the Mont Blanc!


The  INDOOR SKI 4810 :

exclusive and completely new sports complex composed of 2 infinite slopes, one of them is the largest in Europe. The principle is the same as a treadmill in XXL format with a synthetic surface providing riding sensations almost similar to the practice of alpine skiing. 

This concept totally revolutionizes the learning of skiing and allows a progressive teaching. If you have decided to make your first turns, you will not have to worry about the stress of the ski lifts and sometimes the inattention of other skiers. Let yourself be guided by the precious advices of your instructor and gain confidence at your rythm.

For the more experienced skiers, the carpet slopes in less than 8 seconds up to 20% and the speed  increases and it’s surprising! A video projector diffuses personalised tracks on the floor. You can follow yours slalom and correcting your placements and technique with the mirrors and cameras placed all around you.

Olivier, instructor and specialist in outdoor skiing, confides he has completely changed his learning methods and has improved himself to with this new concept!

If you are a beginner in search of confidence, looking for first landmarks or you want to improve your carving. You must discover the SKI INDOOR . You will be wonderfully welcomed in a fun and sporty atmosphere.