Fitness experience

Fitness experience


Do you want to stay in shape during your stay, or to get back on track after a long period of sports inactivity ? The blue Estate team suggests to accompany you in personalizing your sojourn…

Through two different configurations we offer you to alternate between winter sports and fitness. In addition our will prepare menues adapted to your nutritional needs.





The chalet « la Petite Forêt » is modular, so if you want, we have the possibility to install a fitness room within it. You’ll be able to workout when you want depending on the course of your day or the weather.

A professional coach can guide you in your exercises and allow you to progress on different themes. As muscle building, pilate, cardiovascular work or mental coaching.

After all these workouts, you will certainly appreciate all the comfort offered by the Châlet (hammam, sweedish bath, etc…)





We as well can accompany you to the sports arena in Megève. It’s the biggest Gym of all alps including different zones (bodybuilding, cardio training or even biking).

You will be able to participate to group lessons and benefit from personalized advices from a coach.

At the end of the sport session, your butler will come to pick you up to drive you to the Châlet for a relaxing moment.




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